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Welcome to DAYLIGHT!

Thanks for taking this journey with the DAYLIGHT team! Several months of planning have gone into the production of this short film.

More than a year ago, Writer-Director Yaa Asantewaa Faraji began developing the script for DAYLIGHT. It began as a pipe dream on a foam board; several sticky notes plastered an empty canvas, yet to be developed into a complex narrative.

After months of editing the completed script, the Daylight Production Team set to work developing the film.

DAYLIGHT, told from the third person POV of the Black experience, follows ballerina, Amber as she navigates her tricky world. Inspired by a true story, DAYLIGHT is loosely based on a sexual assault incident Faraji encountered in college at the age of 19.

1 in 5 women experience rape in their lifetime and 51.1% of victims report being raped by an intimate partner (NSVRC, 2010). This is our story.

To support DAYLIGHT, click here to pledge. More details to come on 2022 production.

View Gallery here.


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